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Konix Drakkar Heimdall Mouse for PC
Quickly adapt to any gaming situation with 2 DPI switch buttons (500/1000/1500/2000/3000/4000) 
and the ability to make key combinations with recordable macros.
SHARP FORCE: For sniper bites, 
the dedicated low-sensitivity button will allow you to be even more accurate and lethal on the battlefield. 
Enjoy 9 programmable buttons via our software to adapt the mouse to each type of game.
DESIGN AND ERGONOMY: Enjoy a Nordic backlit design with 5 colors and different light effects. 
The Heimdall will perfectly fit the shape of your hand for an optimal glide reinforced by the Teflon skates.
KONIX QUALITY: Our products are sold at the right price, with no extra cost associated with marketing. 
Video games are our core business, 
our products are developed by passionate enthusiasts, making you live your best hours of gaming is our goal.

Konix Drakkar Heimdall Mouse for PC

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